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Xerox - Fiery Friday

Vsak petek bomo za vas objavili nov posnetek z uporabnimi nasveti in triki pri delu z EFI Fiery RIP-om.

Petek - 22.10.2021

In this one how to create NCR Forms and print numbers or other text on them. FYI Fiery JobMaster has full Fiery Compose functionalities but more… See the attached datasheet for more knowledge.



Petek - 15.10.2021

A basic standard for good quality on each digital press is creating an Output Profile. For those operators not upholding full Color Management knowledge we have the feature of Express Profile where in 1 – 2 – 3, they will be creating a custom output profile. So just under 4 minutes of viewing below video, they will have that knowledge.



Petek - 04.06.2021

Fiery FreeForm Create is a FREE VDP tool that comes with the Fiery. In below video you will see an example on how to create a VDP job containing two different forms (pages) and variables.



Petek - 28.05.2021

It has been an exhausting week and I would like to end it with a good feeling. Please find an exquisite functionality available on external Fiery’s with our latest FS400 system. See the video below explaining what it does – it will simply simplify the life of every operator!



Petek - 14.05.2021

Maximize Imposition Sheet Size with Fiery Impose Finish Size Option



Petek - 07.05.2021

To end the week and just before the weekend I wanted to share a cool small video where an operator can create a soft proof to be shared with end-customers. Depending on the Fiery it is standard, or it comes as an option.


Petek - 23.04.2021

In this edition of Fiery Friday you will learn how you can save time, money and eliminate waste by checking print files for design issues before you print using Fiery JobFlow.



Petek - 09.04.2021

In this edition of Fiery Friday, I will review a few of the new Job Search tools in Command Workstation 6.6.



Petek - 02.04.2021

In this edition of Fiery Friday you will see how easy it is to fix photos in your documents with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor.



Petek - 26.03.2021

In this edition of Fiery Friday you will learn how to automate the process of creating photo booklets from JPG single photos using Fiery Hot Folders and presets.



Petek - 19.03.2021

This next video in our VDP series shows you How to Create an Automated Workflow using Fiery VDP impositioning and Server Presets. Your customer’s external Fiery has it all to do the job except in some conditions for Fiery Impose.



Petek - 12.03.2021

As personalization is rising within Print-On-Demand, a Fiery as a FREE tool that will help you. It is called FreeForm Create…



Petek - 05.03.2021

A small video explaining how you can add tabs into existing documents.
Fiery JobMaster is an Advanced PDF-based makeready solution and comes with Adobe Acrobat and PitStop Edit.



Petek - 26.02.2021

Just a 3’30” video explaining the ease-of-use to manage spot colours if you have Spot Pro.
Fiery Spot Pro can be purchased separately but is also part of the GA Pro package.



Petek - 27.11.2020

In this edition of Fiery Friday (more Fiery Thursday…) you will learn how easy it is to assemble Microsoft Office & PDF documents into one print ready file using EFI’s document assembly solution: Fiery VUE.

W Y S I W Y P …

What You See is What You Print!



Petek - 20.11.2020

In this edition of Fiery Friday you will see that with Fiery JobFlow you can easily assign a finishing option to a VDP job holding different records. In this example subset stapling to a VDP job holding sometimes 3x pages, 5x pages, ...



Petek - 13.11.2020

In this edition of Fiery Friday you will learn how Fiery Spot Pro was used to help an in-plant print shop correct inconsistent spot colors in their documents.



Petek - 06.11.2020

As we rolled out FS400Pro, the video below explains a feature of GA Pro and how easily an operator can change/adapt colors during his workflow.
FYI the EX-P 6 V3, EX 4100 and EX-P 4100 supports these features.
For older Fiery’s (and different/similar functionalities) you will have to sell the Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition (GAPPE).



Petek - 30.10.2020

In this Fiery Friday video you will learn how easy it is to add tabs quickly to your documents using Fiery JobMaster's Auto Tab Feature.



Petek - 16.10.2020

Below is a link to a short video explaining how a graphic designer could export is customer’s Color Swatches/Tables (in ASE format) into the Fiery. When printing the advantage is no translation of colors anymore from one system to another!

A Fiery end-customer would need to invest in:

  • or Productivity Packages (FS400 embedded)
  • or ColorRight Package (FS400 embedded)



Petek - 09.10.2020

Together with FREE Fiery technology like FreeForm Create your customers are able to print a variety of VDP jobs: not only on envelopes if the engine allows it but also just on a variety of other media.



Petek - 02.10.2020


Petek - 25.09.2020

Find below a link to a small video which enables users with Fiery JobMaster/Impose to perform numbering.


Petek - 18.09.2020

I do not know if you know this but with each external Fiery DFE you sell the end-user receives Fiery JobFlow Base. This options will automate further the traditional workflows he/she is using today with Virtual Printer/HotFolders or saved presets. In below example if the end-customer also invested in Fiery Impose he will be able to Collect & Impose.

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